First Voodoo Academy in Novi Sad
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Join Voodoo Academy to start making hit hyper casual games

New to the hyper-casual? Welcome to the first Voodoo x Tummy Games Academy designed to support game dev enthusiasts. Our mission is to inspire all newcomers to the industry as well by providing all the knowledge, tools, and even financial support you need to transform into fully established hyper casual hits.
Applications are open for the first Voodoo x Tummy Games Academy designed to help game dev enthusiasts, ages 18 to 35, improve their ideology and execution methodology for future hyper-casual hits.

What do participants gain by participating in this program?

Participants will be supported by mentors from Voodoo and Tummy Games, lectures that will be held live in the Tummy Games headquarters, modules that guide you through the entire process of creating hyper-casual games.
After completing one-month training program, the teams will be financially supported during the prototype process, as well as the opportunity to continue the partnership after graduating.
Teams and individuals which have previously attended some training in the field of creating hyper-casual games are welcome to apply and start creating a prototype from the get-go.
Since it is extremely difficult to make a hit game, participation in this program and access to a team that has already created 5 hit games is invaluable. If participants are serious about making games, they must learn the process of how to do it, and this program will give them the keys to succeed.

What is expected of participants?

The idea is that participants learn the whole process of creating and testing hyper-casual prototypes. At Tummy Games, we test two prototypes per month, and participants are expected to make ideally two prototypes per month.

Who can apply?

Individuals and teams between 18 and 35 years old and have basic knowledge of Unity or 3D design, or both, and knowledge of English language. The maximum number of people in one team is three.
Physical attendance is important at the Tummy Games headquarters in Novi Sad, and it is mandatory to bring your computer equipment.

Academy duration: 4 months (May – August)
Education period: 1 month (May)
Prototypes creation: 3 months (June – August)

Academy attendees at the end of this course will be able to:
1. Analyze the market
2. Structure the idea process
3. Apply adequate tools
4. And how to benchmark effectively in collaboration with Voodoo and the Tummy Games team.

Please check application flow:

1. Filling out the application form
2. Interview
3. Qualification task
4. Final selection
5. Academy starts!

We encourage you to apply and to share with us any thoughts regarding Voodoo Academy hub & Tummy Games process.
Deadline for application is April 20, 2022
You can always contact us via marija@tummygames.com

Good luck and have fun!
Voodoo & Tummy games crew

Voodoo is a French developer and publisher of mobile games based in Paris. The company was founded in 2013 by Alexander Yazdi and Lauren Ritter. Voodoo games have been downloaded 6 billion times by 2022, with 300 million active users per month. In 2019, Voodoo was named the best publisher at the Mobile Games Awards ceremony.

Tummy Games is a Serbian studio that develops mobile games focusing on Hyper-Casual games, located in Novi Sad. With the launch of the video games Slice it All (30M players), Volley Beans (30M players), and Pancake Art (50M players), they have positioned themselves on the gaming scene. Nemanja Divjak, Vladimir and Nikola Veselinović gathered around the idea of ​​founding the studio in 2016. The first game they developed was Tummy Slide, which inspired them on behalf of the Tummy games studio.